Latton Social Services & Development offer a wide range of support and services

Some of the services provided include:


We offer to look after children from ages 6 months to 15 years when their guardians are busy with work or other matters in our creche.

Local Heritage Research


A volunteer group that researches the history of Latton and document in for future generations to have.

Wednesday Club


We hold a meeting for senior two Wednesday’s every month for socialization and leisure.



We help to manage and improve the land and structures of the Latton parish so everybody can enjoy the view.


Led by J. Fitzpatrick. We hold a round of Cèilidh dancing for visitors to enjoy as they learn the steps, watch or show off there skills.

I.T. Training


We also provide training in how to use different computer and internet application for both personal and professional use.

Senior Citizens


We also provide Senior Citizens an annual party to meet up and have fun, along with a Thursday Club (see above).

Billy Fox Centre


A Memorial Centre for the late T.D. and senator Billy Fox that we are supporting the creation, funding and development of.

Room Rental


We also provide a room for you to rent for use for activities such as clubs, groups and leagues. Contact us for use. Use for group activities preferred.

Billy Fox Park

We also give our support to the Billy Fox Park both in landscaping and in the commemoration of the park’s namesake – Billy Fox.

Photo Archives

We also archive photos that were taken in the Latton parish (eg. newspaper about Latton events) for future prosperity and use.

La Leche League

We also provide the La Leche League a room every 2nd Thursday of the month for meeting and breastfeeding education, training and advocacy.

Mission Statement

To enhance, encourage, educate, the lives of all the Latton community from the womb to the tomb. To celebrate difference. To enhance the local landscape, and protect diversity.

Latton Social Services and Development CLG – LSS & Dev CLG